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Best Way to Clean Car Windows

best way to clean car windows
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Have you washed your car and you end up having water streaks or other water marks? Here’s our guide on the best way to clean your car windows. We hope this method would clean up the water stains streaks when you clean your car…and….until it rains!! ??

What you need when cleaning your car windows

You only need a few items to clean your car windows:

  1. Microfiber Window Cleaning Handle
  2. Glass cleaner

There are several types of glass cleaner that you can use. Here are a few that you can use. Glass cleaners are pretty inexpensive. Please note although you can try to use an all-purpose cleaner, that is not recommended. A glass cleaner is recommended for best results.

If you happen to live in a region where there you tend to get bugs all over your car windshield or side windows, try a bug spray (in addition to the window cleaner). You’ll use the bug spray first to clean up the buggy mess first.

What to do to clean your car windows

Step 1 – Prepare your car windows

To make sure you have clean and streak- and spot-free windows be sure your windows are always the last part of the car you wash.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash them during the washing process. Make sure your windows are plenty wet as you wash your car.

Step 2 – Thoroughly clean your car windows with soap (and bug remover, as needed)

As you wash your car, be sure to soap your windows and clean them with the rest of you car. Don’t worry about water streaks or water marks.

If there are any bug markings splattered throughout your windshield or other windows of your car, use a bug remover solution to help remove the bug.

TIP: You should try to remove bugs from your car windshield as soon as possible versus letting them sit for an extended period of time.

Step 3 – Finish watering down and cleaning the rest of your car

Once you have thoroughly cleaned your car (and used bug remover, as needed), finish cleaning the rest of your car. This includes soap and watering down your car.

At this point, don’t worry about making sure your windows are spotless. As you water down your car, and it dries on the windshield, it is bound to leave water marks and streaks.

Step 4 – Dry your car thoroughly

Once you are finished watering down your car and cleaning all the dirt and grime, use a cloth to dry your car.

To avoid scratching your car, be sure to use the appropriate cloth to dry your car.

Step 5 – Cleaning your windows

Now that the rest of your car is nice and clean, time to use your window cleaning solution. Spray all of your car windows with the window cleaning solution. Use the microfiber windshield cleaning handle to then dry your windows.

TIP: You can use the same windshield cleaning solution and handle to clean the windows inside of your car.

As you clean your windshields, be sure to change the microfiber cloth as needed to make sure you don’t scratch/chip your window and that your windows are being cleaned with a clean cloth.

Sometimes you may not be able to clean your entire car. Feel free to skip straight to step 5. If you have bugs on your windshield or windows, be sure to have extra microfiber clothes to clean all of that gunk out first before you use your glass cleaner solution. In this scenario, you may notice you’ll need to use additional microfiber cloths even when you are using your glass cleaner.

The 411

As you can see, it’s pretty straightforward to properly clean your car windshields so that there are no soap or water mark/steak.

Our five step process will help keep your windows clean.