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Cataclean Review – Does Cataclean work?

Adding fuel to car
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Do you need to clean out your fuel system and/or exhaust system? Especially if you have an older model car.

Here’s an in depth review of Cataclean, where you will better understand what Cataclean is, how Cataclean works, how to use Cataclean, and whether it is worth it or not.

About Cataclean

Simply said, Cataclean is a fuel system treatment fluid. This post provides an in depth Cataclean review, to help you understand what Cataclean is, how it helps your car (including your car’s catalytic converter), and the benefits of using Cataclean.

To use Cataclean, you mix it with fuel to help it clean the parts of your car that fuel comes into contact with. You can read our 4 step instructions on how to use Cataclean here.

Cataclean is not fuel. What Cataclean does is that it treats the fuel so that it can then clean your car’s fuel system. That means that Cataclean mixes with fuel to clean the various internal parts of your car that fuel comes into contact with. This includes the engine, spark plugs, and the catalytic converter, among other parts.

What is a catalytic converter

How does a catalytic converter work

Car manufacturers around the world need to meet certain emission guidelines set by each country. The United States has very specific and stringent emission control requirements for each car.

This is where a car’s catalytic converter comes into play with respect to emissions.

Catalytic converters are devices that reduce the amount of pollutants that come out of a car’s exhaust pipe. The use of these converters has been mandated by law in many countries.

A catalytic converter reduces the level of pollutants by mixing air with fuel and oxidizer inside the engine, and burning them in the presence of heated catalyst. In order for a vehicle to be considered environmentally friendly, it must have an emission control system which includes a catalytic converter as well as other devices.

What happens when a catalytic converter doesn’t work properly

You don’t want your car to have an inefficient fuel system. If your car doesn’t meet your state’s emission requirements, then it will likely fail the required state car emission inspection.

It’s important to replace the catalytic converter when it isn’t functioning properly. Your car mechanic will be able to runs some tests to determine whether your car’s catalytic converter is functioning properly or not. If your car’s catalytic converter is not functioning properly, it will lead to more air pollution which can not only affect your health but other people’s health as well. Therefore, when your car’s catalytic converter is not functioning properly, you should have it fixed soon.

If you have an inefficient fuel system that means your car is emitting toxic gases into the environment. Your car will also likely fail an emissions inspection test.

With an inefficient fuel system, you also won’t get great mileage. This means you will constantly have to refill your tank! Ouch…that can get expensive!

Cataclean Reviews

Written Cataclean Reviews

To help you understand what real customers think about Cataclean, here are some written Cataclean reviews and what buyers say about Cataclean.

As of the date of this post, has 7,800 Cataclean reviews, totaling 4 out of 5 stars. The three Cataclean reviews we provide below were all listed 4 out of 5 stars. We intentionally picked 4 out of 5 stars to help you provide a good understanding of the product.

“Product was used on two cars. Did NOT help on high mileage Camry that uses a lot of oil. The converter had to be replaced to clear the code. Did work on high mileage (168k) Maxima that doesn’t use oil. Cleared the code and followed the directions. Two months later the code is still cleared and the monitors have all run. Good to go for a smog check. Update 2019/05/13 The Maxima is still running with no problems.” – By Team Nix on, August 8, 2018

“I’m not really one to go in for this “snake oil” kind of stuff but I figured what the heck. Way less expensive and easier than replacing sensors and exhaust system parts. I followed the instruction exactly and after one trip the Check Engine light went out! What?! The light did reappear some 2,000 miles later with a slightly different but related code so it may mask a problem but not really fix it. So if you need it to get your car past a state mandated inspection it just may work. Nothing of course is better than fixing the issue the correct way.” – By Jay S.,, July 9, 2021

“I have used this product for a number of years. I was first told about another brand that did work for my situation in a “98 Lincoln Town Car. Unfortunately that product was not available one year so I tried this instead via the ratings. It has worked. Actually failed a test and then applied Cataclean and passed emissions with a breeze. Having same issue again in “07 Navigator. About to apply same solution. When something works…. stick with it…” – By Optimist,, July 3, 2021

Video Cataclean Reviews

Below are some video Cataclean reviews for you to check out:

Source:, Channel: Peter von Panda
Source:, Channel: Abandoned Maryland

Does Cataclean work

When Cataclean reaches the various parts of a car, including the catalytic converter, Cataclean is designed to remove the carbon deposits that have built-up inside your vehicle over the years.

As Cataclean removes carbon deposits, this should improve you car’s catalytic converter performance allowing it to function as originally designed. This should in theory help with emission control and the emissions test. Note, however, there may be many other reasons why a car fails an emission inspection test, including that the catalytic converter just needs to be replaced.

Here’s a good YouTube video from Cataclean explaining how Cataclean works:

Source: Youtube, Cataclean Global

Do catalytic converter cleaners work?

Generally, yes. Catalytic converter cleaners, such as Cataclean, do have an affect and clean catalytic converters.

You should know, however, that catalytic converter cleaners do clean your car’s fuel system. Catalytic converter cleaners, however, are not designed to solve your car’s fuel system problems.

As you can tell from the various Cataclean reviews noted above, Cataclean has helped clean a car’s catalytic converter and other parts of the car supporting the fuel system.

What are the benefits of a catalytic converter cleaner

Cataclean is a cleaner that helps improve your car’s fuel system so that it becomes efficient again. One way to do that is by removing carbon build-up throughout your car’s fuel system.

That is what Cataclean does, plus more!

Once you have an efficient fuel system, that also means you will have improved gas mileage. Removing carbon build-up from your car’s fuel system also means that your car will operate more efficiently. It is also better for the environment.

Another plus is that it likely will mean fewer trips to the gas station (that is more money in your pocket)!

Be sure to read the Cataclean instructions label and requirements to make sure there isn’t anything you should be aware of before you decide to use it on your car!

Where do you buy Cataclean

One of the most efficient ways for you to buy Cataclean is through Amazon Prime. Once ordered, you’ll have it soon.

You can also, however, buy Cataclean at most automotive retail stores, such as:

  • Autozone
  • Advance Auto Parts
  • O’Reilly’s
  • Walmart
  • PEP Boys